Trousers Fitting Style Guide

Trousers Fitting Style Guide

Trousers Fit Type Guide:

Super Skinny:

Extreme skinny trousers from hip to ankle, narrowest leg opening and extra stretch material from mobility.


Skinny leanest-fitting trousers through seat and thigh, skinny leg opening and super stretch material for comfortable mobility.


Between straight and skinny trousers, offer a bit more room to move. Slim fit from the hip down to the ankle, stretch material.


Trousers with narrowed leg, for a more tailored look and better good looking and feeling. They start narrows from knee to ankle.

Regular / Straight:

Not narrow, not wide, just classic straight and regular trousers. Straight from the hip to the ankle, might be sits lower on the waist.


From straight leg fits to wide leg fits, made for comfortable and feel the freedom of your movement.


Maximum comfortable and baggy loose look.


Trousers that widen from knee to ankle.

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